Lighting Sibiu

Visual Mapping Competition Work, 2016


Theme: Master of Colours
Short video-mapped animation adapted to the façade of the Brukenthal Museum in Romania

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With this video work I have tried to combine different colour palates (Nature -Organic- and digital colour) and by combing and mixing different colours, I try to reach another colour level wich is maybe related with nature but further more with digitalism; unrealistic, surreal and unexpected colour and picture combinations… for example, what happens
if it is mixed water and fire (video, colour) together by using digital technology- with RGB colour, some results and attempts can be seen in my video work.
I have also tried to show the differences of colour palates, not only by mixing, also by showing plain versions of them, to have the ability and chance to compare individual differences.
My second aim is to show and emphasize architectural aspects of the Brukenthal Museum and to create illumination by using animations and videos. In my opinion the entrance door is the center of the museum, not the middle of building, therefore sometimes I have not projected on the door to give these feelings; mystery, being lost, finding the path, and lighting all. We can compare this approach to “museum idea” itself, as trying to keep master works of painting and also trying to recover itself with research and lighting. As technical aspects; I have used different video techniques; special animations are prepared for the museum and also used videos in videos as a mask which is giving a possibility to create a different level of animation style.
Sound is one of the important elements of visual shows and my intention is to visualize sound and catch rhythms to make visuals more strong and effective. I have chosen electronic sounds with classical basis beats to combine modernity and classic like a classic museum and modern projection mapping.

The journey of video starts with fire and explosion as an intro of the Show to represent the image reconstruction, then it comes to an illumination part; animation and playing with different aspects of the building, this part can represent the culture… digitalism… human mind… but then humanity becomes forced to be in rules, to be fast like the traffic and speed scenes in my video, after that as ocean, water, ink elements, the humanity situation is getting more deep and complex but also giving some hope and enjoyment with combination of colour and different elements. These scenes could be compared with life and habitats of animals and human. After all, I want to show there is hope and living in peace like a bird, that’s why I have used Ferris wheel with people on it as the flying wish of human and the white bird as a symbol of peace. My video ends with the same fire explosion like the Intro, in a reverse way but with different elements, like ink in water. With this scene, I want to show the cycle of human being and this cycle will every time be different.